#1 Annette Frölich (Denmark): 1st millennium AD traces of physicians in Southern Scandinavia

#2 Elina Maaniitty (Finland): Tabellverket, Medical Science and the Importance of Statistics
in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Sweden

#3 Heini Hakosalo (Finland): Lives over Time –
Birth Cohort Studies as a Form of Scientific

#4 Ingrid Rørbæk (Denmark): PC Abildgaard (1740-1801):
Medical doctor, founder of the first 
veterinary school in Denmark and mineralogist

#5 Kerstin Hulter Åsberg (Sweden): Mathilde Wigert-Österlund
– artist, author, and patient at 
Ulleråker Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden

#6 Kristine Lillestøl (Norway): ‘Like a jackal following the Spanish flu’:
Encephalitis lethargica 
and its consequences, Norway 1919-1939

#7 Mads Linnet Perner (Denmark): The landscape of disease in a war-struck rural parish

#8 Mette Sandstrøm (Denmark): Singing – our cultural DNA and the earliest medicine?

#9 Michal M. Skoczylas (Poland): Johann Gottlieb von Bötticher (1676-1762) in Danish, Germanand Polish historical-medical literature

#10 Michal M. Skoczylas (Poland): The application of radiology to medical problems
(Examples from 
‘Ugeskrift for Læger’ 1951 and 1971 articles)

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